Acorns Program Agreement

Notwithstanding the agreements, you can request tax forms or other communications that Acorns or the carrier broker must provide upon request under applicable legislation or regulations to be made available to you on paper. Your informed consent applies to any tax form and other notification that Acorns or the carrier broker must provide on request on paper, unless you revoke it. You can revoke or limit your informed consent for electronic delivery at any time by sending an email to Notwithstanding the contrary agreements, you agree that if you revoke or knowingly limit your consent to electronic delivery, Acorns or the carrier broker may charge you a reasonable fee, separately of and in addition to the subscription fee, for the provision of paper and related services. Although you accept electronic delivery, Acorns, the carrying broker, Acorns Pay and/or your competent database can send you paper messages or request that you send paper messages to one of them. The following information is the disclosure statement prescribed by the Bundessteuerordnung. You should read this disclosure statement and the corresponding custody agreement (i.e., the subsequent/traditional warranty contract or the subsequent civil liability agreement/Roth) for individual pension agreements (“IRA”). IRA rules may change. Information on limiting contributions is based on federal law, as stated in the internal income code, and is considered correct. However, a contribution is conditional on your tax return status and your personal situation.

Please contact a competent tax advisor to indicate your specific contribution right and any applicable national laws that may deviate from federal law. If you have problems with the email program, you can reply with the help keyword for additional support, or you can get help directly from The brochure signifies the Wrap-Geb-hren program brochure for the program, which Acorns Advisers submits to the SEC on the ADV Part 2A form. Local money is an additional way to earn bonuses by shopping with your Acorns debit card. All Acorns debit cards are eligible for local found money offers and rewards. Found Money Local is a card offer program in which you earn reward shares by shopping with merchants who participate in the Acorns card offering program. Arbitration-Opt-out: If you do not agree to arbitrate disputes as described here, you can opt out of this arbitration provision for all uses by sending an arbitration statement to within 30 days of the date of your electronic adoption of the terms of this program agreement. In notifying the opt-out, it must be clear that you are refusing arbitration; Identify the programme agreement and all agreements attached to it up to the date of implementation; Include your name, address and social security number; and be signed by you.

You can send an opt-out notice in any way you deem appropriate as long as it is received at the email address indicated within the specified time frame.