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First Choice Holidays has its roots back in 1973, when a new travel company emerged trading as ?Owners Abroad’. 21 years later in 1994 the company changed their name to the famous First Choice Holidays Plc. After turning down two separate offers from the leading travel company Airtours, First Choice carried on expanding the company massively. In July 2005, First Choice purchased The Europe Express Group of Companies, consisting of three distribution businesses, the first being go-today.com, the second being E.E.I and the third being Brian Moore International Tours.

First Choice Holidays brands and variety

First Choice holidays specialise in every kind of holiday imaginable. They pride themselves on ensuring 100% customer satisfaction, with different types of holiday packages to choose from they give you enough flexibility to make sure you have the exact holiday you want. Firstly they have Sunstart, a brand related to First Choice’s budget holidays. Selling 2, 3 and sometimes 4 star properties mainly in Europe and Greece, this is for the customers working on a budget and in search of cheap holidays.


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